Ten Reasons to Hire a Designer

Anyone who has watched even a single home design show on HGTV has some understanding of the value of hiring a home designer. However, it goes beyond just having a beautiful, well put-together home, although that’s definitely a pretty sweet bonus. Bebe + Grace wants to help you create the home of your dreams, so we’ve pulled together ten reasons why hiring a designer is a good idea.

You Get a Professional View of Your Home

An interior designer has been trained to see a home’s potential, especially when it comes to design. They can help you determine how to maximize the space you’ve got and use that space to its fullest potential. A great designer can determine how to place furniture and other accessories so they’ll look their best in the room.

You Get Help Budgeting

Sticking to a budget is quite possibly one of the hardest things to do when it comes to designing a home. There are so many beautiful finishes and furnishings available that it becomes hard to choose, making it easy to lose control of the budget. An interior designer can help guide you in making decisions, which makes it easier to stick to the budget you’ve set. Sticking to a budget is slightly easier when working with a designer because they can sometimes get trade pricing; those discounts can range from 15%-50%, depending on the designer.

Interior Designers Have Abundant Resources

While it wouldn’t be that difficult to find resources on your own, since most cities have design showrooms for tile, appliances, furniture, etc. having access to a designer’s resources can make a huge difference in your choices. You may actually feel somewhat overwhelmed by all the choices available to you. A designer can help you narrow down those choices by assessing your home to determine what will look best. They’ll work with you to determine your taste and provide options that fit your style. It’s also important to note that the resources designers have available to them are for those in the trade only. This will look different for every designer, but often it means that they’ll be able to source items not available to the general public in stores or online.

Interior Designers Are Visual Storytellers

A good designer can decorate each room so that it tells the story of what happens in that room. For example, a den can be decorated in more muted tones, with lots of wood and leather to evoke a library feel, a place that’s comfortable for reading but is also for getting work done. A living room can be done in blues and whites, perhaps, to evoke a family feeling, a place where everyone gathers in the evening to play games or watch television.

A Designer Is a Qualified Liaison

As we mentioned above, designers have tons of contacts, more than you could ever obtain on your own. Because they’ve likely worked with these contacts for many years, they are able to get work done more quickly than you might be able to. While you might have to wait weeks for a painter to come in, a designer might only have to wait a few days for someone to be available because of their connections in the community. They will also have vetted the people they’re working with and know that they provide quality products and good service. You want to work with companies that stand behind their goods and services.

It’s All About You

A designer will work with you to design the home of your dreams. They’ll ask lots of questions about your aesthetic, what design elements you like, and more. Then they’ll come up with a design that fits your lifestyle and needs. A good designer can perform miracles, given the opportunity, transforming even the grungiest space into a thing of beauty. 

You Get the Wow Factor

Everyone wants guests to come into their home and say, wow! Working with a designer can give you this wow factor, especially if you’re clear about what you’re looking to get out of working with a designer. Designers can coordinate rooms and work with the flow of your home to make a beautiful space that you’ll not only love coming home to, but also love having people come over to.

The Value of Your Home Will Increase

By making careful decisions and working with a designer, you can increase the value of your home. Even if you don’t have any plans to sell now or in the future, having a well-designed home will work to your advantage when you do decide to sell. This is especially true if your kitchen and bathrooms are well done.

Designers Bring Your Vision to Life

You may have dozens of ideas for how you want rooms to look, but not be really confident in what you want. A great interior designer can help you focus your vision for each space by helping you figure out what you’ll be using the space for and what you want to accomplish. For example, if you’re designing a nursery for a baby, you’ll want to choose muted tones and kid-friendly furniture pieces that will grow with the child. You might want the master bathroom to feel like a spa. A designer can help you figure out how to accomplish those things.

They Know the Latest Trends

Interior designers read tons of magazines and blogs to keep up on the latest design trends. Because of this, they can help you choose looks that will stand the test of time while still adding a fresh look to your home. A designer can help you choose paint colors, accent pieces, and furniture that will last a lifetime. It’s expensive to redecorate every time the trends change, so having a designer’s eye can help prevent this from happening.

Hiring a designer can be a costly undertaking, but Bebe + Grace is here to help. Let us help you work within your budget and achieve the home of your dreams.